Asked♪♪♪♪ <3 pretty please <3
Sure :)))) I had loads of fun doing this!!


Opening Credits: Super Junior-Mr Simple (LOL wtf )

Waking Up: UKiss- Dora Dora

First Day At School: Tove Lo- Not on drugs (LMAOO WHAT)

Falling In Love: SHINee- Hello

Fight Song: 2NE1- come back home (Kay this doesn’t make much sense )

Breaking Up: After School- Flashback

Life’s OK: Oohyo- Teddy Bear Rises

Getting Back Together: Lee Hi -

Wedding: EXO- Overdose (wait wut)

Birth of Child: Henry- Fantastic (whoa fantastic baby

Final Battle: Crystal Castles- Baptism

Death Scene: EXO- Heart Attack TT.TT

Funeral Song: MBLAQ- It’s war-wait wut?

End Credits: f(x)- Butterfly

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